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Deutschlandfunk - Corso / Herausforderung für unsere Hörgewohnheiten

Das Corsogespräch mit dem Vokalartisten Christian Wolz
Von Andre Zantow
Nur zu singen, hat ihn nicht gereizt. Christian Wolz wollte mehr. Der Berliner nutzt seine Stimme als Instrument und entlockt dem menschlichen Körper so ganz neue Sounds. Das Ganze nimmt er auf, verfremdet es und mischt teilweise elektronische Musik dazu.
Die Stücke, die dabei herauskommen, sind eine Herausforderung für unsere Hörgewohnheiten. Auch weil Christian Wolz die Texte seiner Songs in einer eigenen Fantasie-Sprache verfasst.

Inzwischen gibt er Seminare über "Vocalkunst" an Theatern und Hochschulen in Berlin. Seine Live-Performances feiern die Feuilletons als "aberwitzig virtuos". In der vergangenen Woche ist sein neues Album "Emotion15" erschienen.

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You don’t listen to an album of the German vocal artist Christian Wolz when you want to read a book or enjoy a calm moment. Although Wolz’ incredible voice can sing like an angel, he often chooses his dark couterpart for musical expression. This new album is a soundboard of emotions and we should approach it that way. We are forced to face our dark sides, mostly through voice distortion supported by minimalistic and electronic music. Wolz doesn’t need words to tell us what the scale of human emotions looks, or sound like.
The opener, “Die Drei Tore”, starts with a rhythmic pulse on which the voice carefully tells us, in his own mystic language, the beginning of this musical journey. Layer by layer another voice is added: a whispering mantra-like verse, a shaman who casts out a demon, a howling scream for liberation,... On the following section there’s only place for dispair and isolation, created by screeching sounds or horrifying deep breathing. An exorcism is nearby. “Das Gefrorene Bewusstsein” reminds me of Diamanda Galas’ Vena Cava. This is probably the most intense track of the album. A harrowing expercience. “Philia” brings us some relief although another impatient, rhythmic pulse tells us there’s still no reconciliation to be found.
As the album progresses it becomes clear to me this isn’t a linear story. There’s no real beginning, middle piece or end to it. I have to be reminded that this is an album about emotions, where it’s all about associations and feeling things that can change very quickly. In that way this is an accomplished mission.
The voice as the most direct instrument of expression and emotions, that’s Wolz’ credo for the last twenty years. He still manages to take us by the throat and challenges us to experience music in a way little artists can do.

Tom PLOVIE / peek-a-boo-magazine / Belgien / September 2011

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